WB536SKV-M Mulching Lawnmower


PRICE: £799

Do the job 30% faster. As the sound is trapped under the deck where the whiling grass helps to dampen it. Cutting the lawn faster and quieter.

*Pro 3 Speed Gearbox

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Using the mulching mower is known to do the mowing job 30% faster than others. The deck and the blade have an aerodynamic design, which means when used as a mulching mower, the grass clippings whirl around and are cut and re-cut into fine particles.
The particles are blown down into the turf to recycle valuable nutrients as well as eliminating grass collection and disposal. it means that you need not rake up afterward, so there is less work and greater time-saving too.
The system makes the lawn mower quieter, as the sound is trapped under the deck where the whaling grass helps to dampen it. Thus, mulching machines are quieter machines, and you can forget about any noise at all.


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